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How to get next ICOPA in your country

 The organization of international congresses (like ICOPA) is no longer a matter of friendly colleagues inviting everyone working in the same discipline. It has merely straight forward business of professional congress organizers (PCO) who still need a local committee or local Society as the formal host and to guarantee the special flavor of the Congress involved. Furthermore, the scientific programme is taken care of by the local (or international) scientists of the discipline, but even here the organization and logistics are taken over by the PCO; Participants of the congress and the sponsors are paying for the services. Usually Congresses are financially balanced by guaranteed financial support if necessary (government, industries, local authorities). However, large congresses tend to end up with a net profit since over a certain number of (> 1,000) the relative costs per participant do not increase anymore substantially, while the participant still fulfills his/her complete duty of registration fee and other costs. Very often the financial balances of a large congress concerns more than half a million US Dollars. It is proposed that WFP constitutes a set of requirements for future bid procedures in case a city, country or Society standards


1.      An invitation is required for the regular (every 4 years) International Congress of Parasitology (ICOPA) to go to a specific Congress Center. Invitations are submitted in writing to the Executive Board of the WFP, at the name of the Secretary General. The invitation should be made well in advance of an ICOPA conference, because during ICOPA the Board will consider and propose, and the Council meeting will decide where the next ICOPA (in 4 years) will be held (see Constitution). The invitation may be prepared by the Congress center or a professional Congress Organizer, but must be supported by a Member Society of the WFP. An official approval of the local authorities (Ministry of Health, Education, Tourism, Agriculture; The Mayor or the Governor of the province; Head of the University etc…) must be provided.

2.      Suggested place and dates for the meeting

3.      Information on:     accommodation facilities
                             conference facilities
                             congress center capacity
                             local transport
                             social programme
                             needs for visa for certain countries
                             financial responsibilities (see the Questionnaire to be filled out)

4.   At all times a special fund must be created to sponsor individual participants from developing countries

5.      A contribution of 10 USD per person of the Congress fee will be made available to the bank account of the WFP.